Vehicle Variants
    Jimny • 1.4L VVT engine
    • 6.4L/100km fuel economy manual
    • 6.9L/100km fuel economy automatic
    • 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission
    • ALLGRIP PRO 4WD technology
    • Hill hold and hill descent control
    Jimny Lite • 1.5L VVT engine
    • 6.4L/100km fuel economy manual^
    • 5 speed manual transmission
    • ALLGRIP PRO 4WD technology
    • Hill hold and hill descent control
    • CD player
    Jimny XL • 9-inch multimedia touchscreen with DAB radio, AppleCarPlay and Android Auto
    • Wireless Apple CarPlay
    • Dual Camera Brake Support System
    • No satellite navigation
    • Rear parking sensors
    • Adaptive Cruise Control ( Automatic only)
    • Two extra doors
    • Black front grille with chrome accent
    • 4 x speakers

    Indomitable When a car is described as being ‘boxy’, it’s usually an insult, but not in the Jimny’s case. Actually, the vehicle’s characteristically cuboid design is one of its chief selling points. In any case, this SUV is built to last, which is why it’s the choice of so many globe-trotting motorists. Nevertheless, this off-road-conquering vehicle has plenty of attractive qualities, including numerous contrasting black elements, which including the roof, fender, under-body cladding and door mirrors, front and rear bumpers and wheel arches.
    Attractive alloys The Suzuki Jimny rides on 15-inch alloy wheels, whose lightweight yet super-robust design ensures that minimal stress is put on suspension. This lightness contributes considerably to performance levels and fuel-economy too – and practical considerations aside, alloy wheels look so much nicer than their cheaper steel equivalents.
    Privacy plus It’s appropriate that the Jimny features tinted windows – it very much goes with the vehicle’s black-contrast theme but, of course, they do stop people from peering in. And while privacy glass is not UV-resistant per se, it does reduce the amount of sunshine that enters the cabin.
    Light fantastic By its very nature, the Jimny is often exposed to less-than-desirable motoring conditions, including lousy weather. So it’s just as well that this SUV is fitted with front fog lamps, which provide enhanced visibility during thick fog or hard-pouring rain. And the vehicle features automatic LED headlights too, which offer high-intensity illumination.
    Inside the Suzuki Jimny Practicality isn’t necessarily at the forefront of the minds of Suzuki designers when developing new Jimny iterations. Nevertheless, there’s space inside for four, and lots of headroom in both compartments. However, four full-size adults might consider the thought of lengthy journeys in the vehicle to be a less than an exhilarating prospect. But with two younger travellers in the back, the Jimny becomes much more of a long-haul proposition, making it an intriguing option for free-spirited families. For many owners, though, this SUV suits as a two-seater that can occasionally accommodate extra passengers.
    Cargo capacity In two-seat mode, this off-roader sees a pokey 85-litre boot space transform to as much as 830 litres. And since the rear bench split-folds 50/50, you’re presented with more than one way to achieve an ideal passenger-cargo balancing act, depending what’s on the agenda for any given day.
    Quick-response climate control Power-operated windows and digital climate control are included as standard. This means you’ll always be able to stay on top of the in-cabin temperature, whether you need to cool things down a little or bring some much-needed heat.
    Infotainment The car’s MP3-capable stereo system comes with AUX and USB inputs, allowing you to plug, charge and play your compatible devices. And since Bluetooth connectivity is included too, you have the option to stream your favourite music or spoken word content wherever you travel. Also featured is a seven-inch touchscreen, which provides easy access to satellite navigation functionality, among other things.
    Performance A 1.5 litre 75kW engine propels the Suzuki Jimny, putting out a maximum torque of 130Nm at 4,000rpm. This four-cylinder unit returns a fuel-economy figure of 6.4 litres per 100 km, and produces CO2 emissions from 146g/km. Please note that these statistics apply when the engine is paired with a standard-issue five-speed manual gearbox. With optional four-speed automatic transmission, the Jimny isn’t as fuel-efficient, and it produces more emissions. However, this does ensure that shifting through the gears is managed as smoothly as possible. And since this SUV features part-time four-wheel drive, it’s able to handle urban environments just as capably as it is rocky dirt tracks.
    Passive and active safety Front, side and curtain airbags and child-seat anchorage points are standard inclusions, of course, as are numerous driver aids. For example, Electronic Stability Program and Anti-lock Braking System are invaluable aids when it comes to maintaining control of the vehicle in all types of conditions.
    Hill-hold Control With a vehicle such as this, there’s every chance you’ll find yourself proceeding up and down steep inclines. To that end, Hill-hold Control ensures that the Jimny stays put when the engine is initiated on a slope – until, that is, you put your foot on the accelerator pedal.
    Hill-descent Control When driving down an incline, Hill-descent Control autonomously kicks in, applying braking pressure in order for the Jimny to maintain a speed of no faster than 10km/h. This ensures a steady-paced descent, and one that doesn’t require manual braking.